Roberto is a full-time portrait photographer with a hustle to make the world his. Gilded Images was founded during Roberto's time studying at UNC Charlotte working towards an Economics Degree. Once he graduated, he went off to Corporate America working in management. Soon he realized that the corporate life wasn't for him. August 2020, he took the risk and quit his job during the Pandemic to pursue entrepreneurship with his passion of Photography. The rest is history. 

His passion for photography has been there since childhood. On school trips, he'd have a disposable camera. For Christmas during middle school, he wanted a digital camera. In high school, he was on the yearbook staff. A true story of someone following their passion. 

"The best part about photography is that I get to make people feel good about themselves. Everyone likes to say they aren't photogenic, which I don't think is true. You just need to find the right photographer."

Roberto offers a variety of styles including portraitures, landscape, and event photography. Approaching 7 years of professional experience, Gilded Images is always ready to capture those GOLDEN moments in your life!

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